It’s Over…

What we had was destined to fail…
We gave it a try, BUT to no avail…
The winds of change roll on and on…
Love was here…
But now…
It’s Gone !

The Battle is the LORD’S

He tried to ruin me.

He tried to take what was mine.

He tried to break me.

Break my stride and all that is inside.

He tried to rob me of my dignity.

But that is still mine.

He cannot take away my self-respect.

The devil is a lie!

He tried to Pillage me of the very things that were of value to me.

Took me and the little babies and threw us on the street.

I do not wish to take revenge, Karma is so sweet.

This crime is God’s to avenge.

I shall lay in waiting. With my head upon my pillow I anticipate…

“Time conquers all or all is conquered in time.”

He tried to rob me of my dreams, hopes, goals.

Of everything belonging to me.

Tried to pillage my very soul of everything it desires to be.

The battle is mine sayeth the LORD.

The battle is MINE.


Moments In Time…

Miracles All Around Us All

Don’t believe in miracles? Did you have to tell your brain to tell your lungs to pump air or your heart to pump blood so that you would wake up this morning?