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Do everything without complaining or arguing. Philippians 2:14


Do everything without complaining or arguing. Philippians 2:14

How do you feel when you have to do something you truly do not want to do? Are you enthusiastic or apathetic? Whenever we must do what we truly do not want to do it simply rob us of the experience that doing that thing is trying to teach us. It makes the receiver of the action feel like a burden. But what does it truly do to us? What is the result of doing something selfishly as opposed to selflessly? Not sure? I can tell you want the result is NOT… fruitful.

Doing something we detest or do not enjoy is usually done haphazardly. It breeds negative energy for all those involved. It shuns and rejects instead of welcomes and invites. Rejecting an invitation to engage in a project or assignment forces us to miss out on the learning process our soul is requesting us to learn. As the abovementioned scripture says, we moan, grumble, and complain about doing a thing and then most times this demeanor leads to some form of “DIS” which in Latin translation means “apart.” Like, DIScord, DISruption, or DISharmony. Also, it may ultimately lead to an argument.

Is arguing about a thing productive? No, not usually. When we are capable of allowing and accepting the grace that is provided in doing a thing we are not enthusiastic about, we can change the whole dynamic of the level of fruit that thing want to provide us. Nothing done out of sheer angst is ever pleasant. But having a pleasing attitude, and an attitude of service, can turn that chore into something that feels like a gift. The gift of looking on the bright side and thinking “what could I learn from this task?” “what lessons is it trying to teach me?” Sad reality is the less we want to do a thing, the less joy and wisdom we will be able to take away from the process.

That’s why the moment what may appear to me to be an imposition arises, I immediately change my perspective to one of gratitude. Being gracious about an inconvenience can actually end up being quite beneficial. However, we first have to change our mindsets about a thing. Because when we don’t we miss the mark. We miss the very blessing that God intended for us to receive when the job is done. This is indicative of sin. As a result, we then of course block our blessings.

Remember, we always have the option of saying “no” if doing a thing excruciatingly pains us. Giving away our power to choose to do something that our gut instinctually tells us is wrong or too hard is only going to end up hurting everyone involved. Which then all spirals out of control and transforms into a scenario no one intended. So just say no OR do it without complaining. Your choice. But choose wrong and you just may lose out on gaining the one thing you value most. YOURSELF.


I have always experienced a tugging at my spirit to write. A tug to just grab a pen, a crayon, a tablet... and get the words out. We all possess the gift of expression; We all were created by a Creator. Creativity is meant to be expressed. No set of rules exist so long as they remain within the boundaries of love, compassion and respect for one another. Our Words have powerful impact on our world (inner and outer). Words rule the world. That said, Let's talk....

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