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Daily Prompt: Conundrum “Life After Death, then Life”

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I just fell in love with blogging! Just want to add that reading some of the ping-backs extremely inspired me.

One blogger asked the question about “life after death” and my response to this conundrum is a resounding “YES” Why? Because, first questions such as these are the intention and the purpose of my entire blog. Second, I have an “opinion” on the topic. I think being subjective on this topic is acceptable because it’s impossible to be objective unless we are Jesus in the flesh. I would refer to scriptures but for the sake of my fellow bloggers I will remain mindful that some do not believe in God. However, I have another opinion about that which is, how did we all get here? Please don’t say monkeys. Monkeys have their own evolution, as do plants, and other animals. Man has his. I am an avid believer in The Big Bang Theory (also a fan of the television show) but this is the “most” supported theory of how the universe was formed. This is great because I just blogged about this yesterday… first blog! Yay!

Okay, seriously. Getting back to this “life after death” question. First, ask yourself this question. Do you believe you have a soul? If the answer is no, skip this entire post because you won’t find any answers here. If yes, then wonderful! You have planted the first seed towards understanding your soul’s journey. Now, I ‘m going to keep this short because I can “literally” no pun intended, write a book on this subject. That said, our souls have jobs to do. What are they? Think of them as lessons in a classroom. Where’s the school you ask – you’re already enrolled. It’s called “Earth” Our beautiful, wonderful, lovely, magical planet. So yes, Earth is a school. Okay. Now. When our soul is born or incarnated we think solely our bodies that are born. However, our souls come here in the living flesh (just like Jesus did) to come to class. Whatever that soul’s assignment is, MUST be learned or you fail the class. Guess what happens when you die. Unless your soul has passed all of its coursework with flying colors, then our soul will STILL have a job to do and lessons to learn. So it is THEN RE-incarnated but in another form OR body, of course and the lessons continue to commence. However, one rule of thumb here, or cosmic rule, or universal law, or whichever jargon you’d prefer… Note: Whatever NEW “karma” you create in this lifetime, WILL be added to your soul’s curriculum upon its next arrival.

Happy Learning!


I have always experienced a tugging at my spirit to write. A tug to just grab a pen, a crayon, a tablet... and get the words out. We all possess the gift of expression; We all were created by a Creator. Creativity is meant to be expressed. No set of rules exist so long as they remain within the boundaries of love, compassion and respect for one another. Our Words have powerful impact on our world (inner and outer). Words rule the world. That said, Let's talk....

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